About Us

Introducing Maeva Doh, the visionary CEO behind Wëardoh.    

I am Maeva Doh, the CEO and heart behind Wëardoh, and my journey in fashion is deeply intertwined with a powerful story of love, inspiration, and determination.
Fashion has always been more than just clothing for me; it's a legacy, a connection to my roots, and a tribute to my beloved mother, Flavienne. That is why I named my first ever blazer design after her; The Flavy Blazer.
My passion for fashion was a gift from my mother. Her impeccable style, her ability to make a statement with her clothing, and her unwavering support were my earliest influences. Her love for fashion became mine, and it's a legacy I carry forward with pride and gratitude.
In the midst of life's challenges, I shared a deeply meaningful moment with my mother before she passed away from cancer. I vividly recall the day I revealed my dream of starting a luxury blazer brand to her. Her eyes lit up with excitement and pride. It was a look of pure joy and affirmation, etched in my memory forever. In that poignant moment, I realized that this wasn't just a passing idea; it was a calling, a purpose that was meant to be. It is a tribute to my mother's legacy, an embodiment of her love for fashion, and a testament to her enduring influence in my life.

The Startup Journey:

Welcome to the world of Wëardoh, where sophistication meets versatility, and timeless elegance takes center stage. As the founder and driving force behind this small luxury brand, I am excited to introduce you to our unique vision and the blazers designed exclusively for the modern, multifaceted women of today. 
Starting a luxury blazer brand from scratch has been a challenging endeavor, filled with ups and downs. But every obstacle and triumph have been a reminder of my mother's unwavering support and belief in me. It's what drives me to persevere, innovate, and create blazers that capture the essence of elegance and timelessness.

Despite the challenges, I can't imagine a more fulfilling and rewarding path than the one I've embarked upon. Every blazer we craft is a tribute to my mother's memory and a celebration of the multifaceted women who inspire us every day.

Join Our Journey:

I invite you to be a part of our journey at Wëardoh, where fashion is not just about clothing; it's about love, inspiration, and a legacy passed down through 
generations. Together, we are redefining the world of luxury blazers, one piece at a time.

Connect With Us:

If you share our passion for fashion and the stories that inspire it, please feel free to reach out to me at weardohapparel@gmail.com. Let's connect, collaborate, and celebrate the power of fashion, love, and legacy.

Thank you for embracing Wëardoh, and for allowing us to share this
meaningful journey with you.